Can You Really Build A Green Home?

Going green is no longer just a concept, actually now people have turned it into some form of movement and with good reason. There are also some who have taken it a step further and want to start building a green home. This article has been provided by Neil McKenzie of MES FM – a leading facilities management company in Aberdeen.

When thinking of the latter, there are several steps that one can take in their home to ensure that the going green concept is observed. The first to consider is the building materials that will be used for building the home. Such materials include lightweight concrete, timber, straw ad earth which is known to be readily available. Although not as strong as the common concrete, lightweight concrete can be used for insulating the home. In addition to this, the material has very impressive fire retardant properties. Lightweight concrete does not also require a very big foundation or much reinforced steel.

Just because one chooses the building a green home route for their new home does not mean that they should be stuck with a boring style for their home. There are various styles available that one can use …

The Basic Rules of SEO Link Building

As you spend time online looking for tips on SEO link building, there’s one overriding aspect of the process that you really need to understand. No matter what the “rules” say, SEO isn’t an exact science. Its more of an art form really and the so-called rules of SEO are better thought of as  guidelines. A lot depends on how the search engines see the context of what you do.

Thats why, to make any SEO link building work for you, you need to take all the rules that you can find, learn them, and then actually study the effects of your efforts as you apply them. The good thing is that you’ll find all kinds of new wrinkles to add to your knowledge base, making you, ultimately, a better link builder. So, with no time to spare, and with this preamble out of the way, let’s take a look at how SEO link building actually works today.

The first thing to realise is that the devil is in the detail. The smallest things really do make a difference to how your links work. When SEO experts try to study how links work for them out in the wild, they …